The Interesting Things Of The First University In Vietnam

Today, Quoc Tu Giam – The Temple of Literature is a place that attracts a lot of tourists to Hanoi. It is not only the witness of many ups and downs of Hanoi thousand years capital, Quoc Tu Giam is also the school of many talented students which had the contribution to the country. Following the tourists visiting Hanoi, would like to introduce the Quoc Tu Giam Temple - the first university in Vietnam.

The temple and Quoc Tu Giam are 2 works which were built to teach and worship Confucius to ancient scholars as well as Confucian scholars. The temple was built in 1070 under King Ly Thanh Tong, and till 1076, the first university of Vietnam - Quoc Tu Giam was built under King Ly Nhan Tong. It can be said that the Ly dynasty was the most prosperous and developed stage of education in Vietnam during the period of feudal lordship. The Temple of Literature is the most obvious evidence of King Ly Nhan Tong's determination to improve his education. This is a work built to promote the spirit of learning as well as seeking talent for the country. After being built, teaching in Quoc Tu Giam began in 1076.

Temple of Literature is a beautiful and peaceful tourist destination in Hanoi, located in the south of Thang Long royal citadel, in an area of 55.027m2, divided into 5 separate areas by each zone. Its archaeological complex from the entrance is the Temple of Literature, the Great Wall, Khue Van Cac, Dai Thanh and the Thai Temple.

Inside the Temple of Literature, there are 82 stone steles representing the people who have ever achieved the title in Quoc Tu Giam, the most valuable and meaning artifact symbolizes the fondness of learning of Vietnamese people through 82 examinations.

Nowadays, the temple of literature is also a place where the students in all the country come to pray for the lucky and success before each important examination. This is the belief of many generations of Vietnamese students. It is said that, besides studying hard, visiting the Temple of Literature is an indispensable part to pass the examination. Therefore, every year, every time the exam takes place, the temple welcomes thousands of students across the country to gain more faith, luck, confidence, and success.

When you come to the temple, you will be immersed in the sacred atmosphere. In addition, it is the space filled with literature, the spirit of learning. You will see a lot of feudal writing calligraphy. Every year, the temple is chosen for many awards ceremonies take place. The ceremony is a great motivation for students to be more committed and to pursue a path of study; continuing the tradition of study of ancestors. This is a place not to be missed when visiting Hanoi.